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WATCH: Big cats enjoy Thanksgiving treats

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS News) - The animals at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa enjoyed some Thanksgiving classics on Tuesday! Tigress Kali and jaguar Manny chowed down on some turkeys, while tiger Andre dove right into a huge cardboard slice of pumpkin pie. Continue Reading

Big cats enjoy Thanksgiving classics!

The animals at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa enjoyed some Thanksgiving classics on Tuesday! Tigress Kali and jaguar Manny chowed down on some turkeys, while tiger Andre dove right into a huge cardboard slice of pumpkin pie. ").insertAfter(e[c]);break}}}else{if(d>0){$("").insertAfter(e[d-1])}}(function(){var l={pid:476,sid:683831,playerContainerId:"lkqd-ad-476-683831-outstream-incontent-1611146932",playerId:"",playerWidth:"",playerHeight:"",execution:"outstream",placement:"incontent",playInitiation:"auto",controls:true,volume:0,pageUrl:"",trackImp:"",trackClick:"",custom1:"",custom2:"",custom3:"",pubMacros:"",dfp:false,lkqdId:new Date().getTime().toString()+Math.round(Math.random()*1000000000).toString()};var k;var o="";var m={slot:document.getElementById(l.playerContainerId),videoSlot:document.getElementById(l.playerId),videoSlotCanAutoPlay:true,lkqdSettings:l};function j(){k.subscribe(function(){k.startAd()},"AdLoaded")}var n=document.createElement("iframe");n.id=l.lkqdId;n.name=l.lkqdId;n.style.display="none";var i=function(){vpaidLoader=n.contentWindow.document.createElement("script");vpaidLoader.src="https://ad.lkqd.net/vpaid/formats.js?pid=476&sid=683831";vpaidLoader.onload=function(){k=n.contentWindow.getVPAIDAd();j();k.handshakeVersion("2.0");k.initAd(l.playerWidth,l.playerHeight,"normal",600,o,m)};n.contentWindow.document.body.appendChild(vpaidLoader)};n.onload=i;n.onerror=i;document.documentElement.appendChild(n)})()}});/*]]>*/

Early Thanksgiving at Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue

Tampa, Fla. (WTSP / CBS Newspath) -- Thanksgiving came early at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. "Tigress Kali" and "Jaguar Manny" sunk their teeth into some "Butterball Turkeys," just like the ones you'll have on Thursday, but unlike us, they eat the turkeys raw and can take down the whole thing in one sitting. [...]

Exotic cats at Big Cat Rescue devour Thanksgiving dinner

TAMPA, Fla. – Exotic cats at the Big Cat Rescue got to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinners a few days early. Tigress Kali and jaguar Manny received turkeys just like many people do this time of year. However, they each ate entire raw turkeys on Tuesday. Andre the Tiger got to devour a huge cardboard “pumpkin [...]

These animals eat absurd amounts of food

In the U.S. it’s nearly Thanksgiving, a time we gather to appreciate what we have—and feel our waistlines expand like a puffer fish.With the most food-centric holiday upon us, we wondered which non-human animals stuff themselves, and why?No in-flight snacksMany birds chow down to sustain themselves before long non-stop flights over oceans or deserts, says [...]

Up close and Purr…sonal

Plight of the Big Cats The world is on the verge of losing this beautiful and iconic species and its survival is critical. Many countries have now banned the exploitation of exotic animals but, unfortunately, the United States is not yet one of those nations. Read about The Big Cat Public Safety Act H.R.1818 / S.2990 [...]

GREAT ESCAPE: Dramatic moment rescued tigers said goodbye to the circus

A British-based animal rescue charity spared the majestic creatures the ordeal of living at a scrapyard in their latest operation to save circus animals in Guatemala. Animal Defenders International vowed to return to save the six tigers – parent tigers Itsa and Sombra and their two unnamed cubs along with adult females Bimbi and Lupe – [...]

An Oklahoma Zookeeper Shot Five Tigers to ‘Make Room’ for More Tigers

The owner of a roadside zoo in Oklahoma phoned a local newsroom on Thursday and admitted to the killing of five endangered tigers. Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a 55 year-old man who goes by “Joe Exotic,” called KOCO 5 hours after a federal grand jury charged him with 19 wildlife crimes on top of two previous murder-for-hire [...]

Feds allege zookeeper Joe Exotic killed 5 tigers, illegally sold other endangered animals

Already facing federal charges for a murder-for-hire scheme, Joe Exotic now faces an additional 19 counts, including violations of the Endangered Species Act. Filed Wednesday in the Western District of Oklahoma, a superseding indictment alleges Exotic shot and killed five tigers in October 2017 and illegally sold other big cats and a lemur. Exotic is [...]

Big cat handler killed 5 endangered tigers to ‘make room’ for others, Okla. prosecutors say

An Oklahoma big cat handler was accused in September of hiring a hitman to kill a Florida animal rights activist — and faces news charges for the tiger killings he carried out himself, according to prosecutors. A grand jury has indicted Joseph Maldonado-Passage — a 55-year-old exotic cat handler and former Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate — [...]
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