Our Work

The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance works to eliminate the private ownership and commercial exploitation of big cats, and supports our members in providing quality lifetime care for wild cats in captivity.

Speaking with One Voice for Wild Cats

The BCSA brings together sanctuaries and organizations to improve the lives of captive wild cats. One way we do this is by speaking with a strong, unified voice on issues of concern, from exposing inhumane practices to educating the public about the challenges big cats face in captivity and the wild.

Picture of a leopard from Keepers of the Wild
Tiger from Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Professional Development and Networking

The BCSA supports professional development through an annual conference, and facilitates communication, collaboration, and information sharing among our members – all with the purpose of promoting the highest quality animal care and non-profit management practices.

Raising the Bar

BCSA members are identified as quality sanctuaries and organizations committed to big cat care and well-being. Identifying true sanctuaries and making them strong is one way to ensure that big cats have a safe place to call home.

Picture of a lion from Lions, Tigers, and Bears