“Tiger Queens” Video: Women Running True Sanctuaries Reveal the Truth About U.S. Big Cat Crisis

The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance has partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (ifaw) to develop a new video titled Tiger Queens, featuring some of the female directors of BCSA member sanctuariesThrough candid discussion and first-hand accounts, they give viewers a rare look into the world of wild cat rescues, its dangers, and the realities of the big cat crisis in the United States. The video features Bobbi Brink of Lions, Tigers & Bears; Lisa Stoner of Forest Animal Rescue, Tammy Thies of The Wildcat Sanctuary, and Tanya Smith and Emily McCormack of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.


Tiger Queens seeks to raise awareness about the plight of captive big cats exploited for cub-petting operations, bred for the exotic animal trade, and held by private owners – and a federal solution in the proposed Big Cat Public Safety Act. The women in the video, like all BCSA members who lead true sanctuaries, have dedicated their lives to rescuing and caring for captive tigers, lions, leopards, and other wild cats.

View the Tiger Queens trailer here. For the full video, more information, and calls to action that you can complete today to help end the cruelty of America’s big cat crisis, please visit our partner ifaw’s website at: https://www.ifaw.org/campaigns/tiger-queens. You can also take action to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act (if you’re located in the United States). Learn more about the Big Cat Public Safety Act at https://www.bigcatalliance.org/learn-more/calls-to-action/