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The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance works to eliminate the exploitation of big cats and supports our members in providing quality lifetime care for wild cats in captivity.

In order to work towards our mission, we have adopted the following position statements.  These position statements help guide our decisions, clarify our message, and distinguish us from other groups.

We support only the use of protected contact management for captive wild cats.

We oppose the breeding of hybrid wild cats and the purposeful breeding of big cats to achieve rare color morphs, including but not limited to white tigers and white lions.

We oppose the defanging and declawing of any wild cats, unless required for medical purposes that are in the best interest of the animal.

We oppose the use of wild cats in media images depicting the animals as domesticated, safe to handle and otherwise interact with, or may be suitable as pets. 

We oppose the recreational killing—specifically through trophy hunts and canned hunts—of wild cats, including both imperiled and non-imperiled species.

We take no position on the display of big cats in AZA-accredited zoos, but are opposed to the keeping of wild cats in all other zoos.

We oppose the private ownership of all wild cat species. 

We oppose the commercial breeding of wild cats. 

We oppose the use of captive wild cats for cub petting encounters and photographic opportunities or any similar public interaction. 

We oppose the use of big cats for any type of entertainment. 

We oppose the breeding, selling, and possession of domestic/wild hybrid cats.