Jaguars hunt endangered sea turtles in surprising new footage

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Jaguars hunt endangered sea turtles in surprising new footage

Watch new episodes of Untamed on Nat Geo WILD.SANTA ROSA NATIONAL PARK, COSTA RICA—It’s just after 10:30 p.m. and the Milky Way decorates a moonless sky over Costa Rica’s Playa Nancite, a remote, half-mile-long beach. Surf-size waves crash on the coast as our National Geographic team waits for one of the world’s most mysterious migrations: a flotilla of olive ridley sea turtles coming ashore to build their nests.Our headlamps glow red so that we don’t distract the animals, but every once in a while we flash white rays over the sand to get a better look at the scene in front of us.Like zombies, thousands of the two-foot-long turtles march up to the beach over the next few hours. They’re making their way ashore to nest, but some will become dinner for another animal: the jaguar.The crew of National Geographic Wild’s Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade is hoping to capture the plight of the turtles as they make their annual journey to this nesting site, and to be among the few who have witnessed jaguars feasting on them.“I hope to hook people with the power of the jaguar but to make them fall in love with sea turtles in a way that they respect their importance in the natural world,” DeAndrade says, sitting on a tree stump. “Even if people are aware of their importance, I think that’s enough.”All you can eat

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