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    Carole Baskin

    Alliance members can use this area to create topics and then organize all of the discussion and documents by Topics called Keeper, Intern, Staff, etc.  Some discussion should be have as to the most effective way to organize the info.

    In order to link to a document, such as a PDF, you need to hover over Big Cat Trust at top left > click Dashboard > click Media > click Add New and choose your document that is under 10 MB in size.  If you can’t get the document down under that size, contact Carole Baskin, and I’ll try to crunch it down for you first.

    After the item is uploaded, click Edit on it and find the URL at the upper right hand of the page.  Copy that URL into your Topic post so everyone can easily find the report.

    Options below your post:

    Be sure to use the Topic Tag to include the exact name of the Topic so that it can be found in search.

    Super Sticky – sticks this post to the top of every Group’s Forum.

    Sticky – sticks this post to the top of this Forum.

    Normal – places your post in the timeline as normal

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