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Big cats do not belong in backyards. Here’s how you can ensure they are re-homed to an appropriate sanctuary.

Do you have a cat you want to surrender?

Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance is an information sharing network among TRUE sanctuaries serving big cats in the United States. If you own an exotic big cat, meaning any non domestic cat, and would like to surrender your cat to a sanctuary, please complete the form below.

This information will be distributed to all sanctuaries within the network. However, this does NOT guarantee that there is space for your cat, as there is a high demand and a low supply of space at reputable facilities.

Do you want to report abuse?

More than 10,000 big cats are kept captive in the U.S. by private owners. Many more are used for entertainment and exhibition. Some of these animals are kept illegally or in deplorable conditions. This doesn’t mean we are powerless to help these animals. If you are concerned about a big cat living in poor conditions, there are options:

Animal abuse is never acceptable. Immediately report concerns to local law enforcement.

Keeping exotic cats as pets is illegal or restricted in many states. Report concerns about private ownership in states where it is illegal to local law enforcement and where it is restricted to your state wildlife regulatory body.

Establishments in the U.S. where big cats are exhibited to the public (e.g. zoos, circuses, sanctuaries) are federally regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Contact your regional USDA office with concerns of poor conditions and neglect.

Find Your Regional USDA Office

Join us to protect all big cats. Learn more about becoming a big cat advocate and supporting the Big Cat Public Safety Act.