Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance: Code of Conduct

To maintain the integrity of the BCSA, all members are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

Act within and uphold applicable laws.

Demonstrate a commitment to the welfare of captive big cats.

Operate within an ethic of continuous improvement in regards to animal care and institutional sustainability.

Share skills and knowledge with other Members in the spirit of cooperation for the welfare of the animals
Maintain the integrity and reputation of the BCSA.

Interact with other members in a respectful and professional way.

Respect other members, especially when speaking with the media or the public. Respect includes handling
disagreements in a professional, constructive and cooperative manner without negative public comments about
another member.

Conduct all business and activities in a professional manner, with honesty, integrity, compassion and commitment, realizing that an individual’s or an organization’s conduct reflects on the entire big cat sanctuary community.

Acknowledge limitations and enlist the assistance of others when appropriate.

Place a strong emphasis on safety and security of animals, staff and visitors.

Avoid promoting photographs or video depicting inappropriate, direct interaction between humans and animals.

Sanctuaries must provide humane care and maintain the dignity of each animal in life and death.

Sanctuaries must recognize when the needs of a specific big cat under their care cannot be met and immediately remedy the problem.

Must not engage in activities or messaging that are contrary to the values of the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance