Taking action to advocate on behalf of captive big cats.

The BCSA speaks with a unified voice on issues affecting big cats, such as the exotic pet trade, the use of big cats for entertainment, and other areas of concern. We are a voice for captive big cats through our advocacy on many of these issues. The BCSA regularly submits letters of support or opposition on proposed legislation, and permit requests for exploitation of big cats or breeding of wild cats and hybrids. When traveling acts exhibiting big cats are being considered for fairs or are already confirmed exhibitors, the BCSA encourages the fairs and communities to consider banning the inclusion of acts involving dangerous wild animals.

In addition, the BCSA provides our members and followers with calls to action on various legislative matters including the Big Cat Public Safety Act. If there is legislation being considered in your area for issues affecting big cats, contact our Program Manager at And if a fair in your area is scheduled to include the exhibition of big cats, please consider completing the “Report Exploitation” form that can be found under the “How You Can Help” menu item above. Thank you for adding your voice to those speaking out on behalf of captive big cats.