About Us

The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance works to eliminate private ownership and the commercial exploitation of wild cats in the United States.

Meet Our Steering Committee

The BCSA Steering Committee provides general governance for the organization, including setting policies and objectives. The committee is made up of volunteers from member organizations who bring a range of expertise to the BCSA, in support of our mission of ending the private ownership and exploitation of wild cats in the United States. All of our Steering Committee members are part one or more of our subcommittees.  

Picture of a leopard from Keepers of the Wild




Meet Our Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of relevant leaders and experts in the big cat protection community and beyond who advise Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance members and staff on issues facing big cats in the US. 




Meet Our Staff

The Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance hired our first paid staff member in January of 2020. Kathy Blachowski is our part-time Program Manager.