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Mountain lion spotted near trail after dog’s disappearance

A cow carcass lying near popular hiking trails in Santa Fe National Forest is sparking concerns about predators, particularly after reports on social media that an unleashed dog went missing while walking ahead of its owner on the Borrego Trail. Lily Azures, a former hunter who now runs an operation called Paw Trackers that helps [...]

Sugarcane tigers are good for crops, forest dept to tell farmers amid rising attacks – Times of India

Bareilly: Amid growing anger and panic among villagers in the Terai region due to ‘sugarcane tigers’, a phenomenon unique to the area, the forest department has come up with an idea which may not go well with the locals. Following three deaths in 2018 in attacks by tigers who take temporary refuge in sugarcane fields [...]

BBC film crew step in to save the life of a poisoned lion cub

As a poisoned lion cub lies close to death, a team of vets rush to the spot in a dramatic effort to save it.  This is one of the heart-rending scenes that will grip millions of viewers who tune in to BBC1 tonight for the latest episode of Sir David Attenborough’s new series Dynasties. But [...]

Senior government vet: NGO knew where tigress Avni T1 was but hid the data

Government expert's letter goes viral, alleging that an NGO had data on T1 nearly a year ago, but did not share it with state vets who were trying to tranquilise the tigress T1 was shot dead on November 2 at the end of a 53-day search operation Adding fuel to the controversy over the killing [...]

Multiple Mountain Lion Sightings Reported in Roseville

Please enable Javascript to watch this video ROSEVILLE -- Early Tuesday morning, a Roseville woman woke up to a security alert from her surveillance system. The footage shows a mountain lion strolling on her lawn off Prospect Point Drive. "It’s definitely very strange to see it in a non-rural area," the woman, who wanted to remain [...]

Pirates are poaching Bengal tigers

When Rafikul Mali became a pirate in the Sundarbans, he knew he was in for a rough and uncomfortable ride. He’d braced himself for repeated run-ins with fist-size spiders and some of the two-dozen species of snakes that slither through the mangrove forests skirting much of Bangladesh’s coast and extending into India. He’d even prepped [...]

Madhya Pradesh tigress gasping for life in Odisha – Times of India

BHOPAL: In a major setback to the country’s first ever inter-state tiger translocation project, tigress Sundari is said to be in a critical condition owing to injuries it suffered while being recaptured from Satkosia Tiger Reserve of Odisha.It’s back-to-back bad news as only two days ago, it was confirmed that tiger MB2, the first big [...]

Only 1 Lion Remains Missing in Santa Monica Mountains Following Woolsey Fire

All but one of the mountain lions being tracked by the National Park Service in the Santa Monica Mountains have been accounted for in the wake of the Woolsey Fire, as have all four bobcats the agency monitors, officials said Friday. The only mountain lion still missing is dubbed P-74, a young male that was [...]

Wounded tiger rescued from traditional market on Riau islet

After escaping a snare and hiding at a traditional market in Indragiri Hilir, Riau, for three days, a tiger was finally rescued on Saturday. A rescue team from the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BBKSDA Riau) shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun at 1:48 a.m. on Saturday while it was hiding in a pit [...]

Mountain lion trapped in downtown Evergreen scare

On Nov. 12, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers tranquilized and trapped a female mountain lion in downtown Evergreen. The mountain lion attacked and killed a pet dog from the yard of a nearby house. Soon afterwards it was seen resting on a cliff face behind the Little Saigon restaurant in the downtown area. Parks and [...]
Shailesh Pethe: Serving meals to tigers, whistling to leopards… all in a day’s work – Times of India

Watch It’s Almost Big Cat Weekend on Nat Geo Wild! Expert Boone Smith joins TODAY Free Online – NBC TODAY Show Excerpt

Leopardess caught from near village, released in Corbett jungles

Lion mauls driver to death in Gir forest, injures two others

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