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The Ongoing Disgrace of South Africa’s Captive-Bred Lion Trade

Reinet Meyer is the senior inspector at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the provincial city of Bloemfontein, located in the central grasslands of South Africa. In April, she received a tip: Two adult lions had been held for two days without food or water in tiny transport crates on a [...]

Shembe church accused of slaughtering hundreds of leopards

Leopard skins are seen as a symbol of power and status within the Zulu tradition, and are often worn by Shembe worshippers – practicers of a combination of Christian and Zulu beliefs, as reported by AP News. The ancient tradition is becoming increasingly unsustainable, however, with leopard populations dwindling significantly. The ICUN Red List has [...]

Don’t avenge Bober’s death by killing cougar

Saturday Sep 15, 2018 at 12:01 AM Don’t hunt and harm cougars that roam the Mt. Hood wilderness where Diana Bober was killed by a big cat. Bober wouldn’t want her death avenged in this way.Wildlife deserve an existence on a planet overpopulated by humans. At this point in history, we are all diminished when wild species [...]

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Shriners resist monitoring of animal handling at circus by Pittsburgh PD

PITTSBURGH  – The city of Pittsburgh has proposed that police officers inspect how the Shrine Circus handles its wild and exotic animals, including elephants and tigers, for its annual show in September, a proposal that the circus has rejected.  Syria Shriners plans to host its 69th annual Shrine Circus at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh [...]

PETA asks court to stop Indiana wildlife rehab from revealing identity of confidential informant

CHARLESTOWN, Ind.-- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking a federal judge to stop a southern Indiana wildlife rehabilitation facility from revealing the identity of a PETA confidential informant.Wildlife in Need, located in Charlestown, publicly revealed the worker's name and address, according to PETA.PETA conducts undercover investigations of industries and facilities suspected of animal [...]
Lioness Steals a Photographer’s Camera, Gives It to Her Cubs as a New Toy

Randal Ford on Photographing ‘The Animal Kingdom’

Leopard from wild strays into BBP rehab centre – Times of India

Rare Amur Leopard Moves to Binghamton’s Ross Park Zoo

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