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Watch It’s Almost Big Cat Weekend on Nat Geo Wild! Expert Boone Smith joins TODAY Free Online – NBC TODAY Show Excerpt

National Geographic big cat expert Boone Smith joins Dylan Dreyer and Carson Daly with a cheetah and a Labrador retriever who are friends. During Big Cat Weekend on Nat Geo Wild, Smith hopes to educate the public about the fascinating animals. Aired: 11/29/2018•Not Rated•NBC News

Snaring has become the greatest threat to African lions

In mid-January, rangers and researchers in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park made a horrific discovery: the slumped, emaciated body of Naturinda, a lioness they knew well, trapped in a snare.The noose-like wire had worn away Naturinda’s fur and skin, leaving a gaping neck and facial wound that had begun to fester with maggots. Protruding pelvic [...]

Eight arrested for possession of lion bones, meat and tiger skin | The Star

In this file photo taken on June 15, 2014, lions yawn in the Madikwe Game Reserve. (AP Photo/Kevin Anderson) Johannesburg - Eight suspects have been arrested for allegedly being in possession of lion bones, meat and tiger skin. The suspects, two South Africans and six foreign nationals aged between 22 years old and 60 years [...]

S.African MPs seek end of captive lion trophy hunting

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) - South African lawmakers will seek to end the breeding of lions for trophy hunting and the trade in their bones, setting parliament on a collision course with a powerful industry. South Africa has as many as 8,000 lions in captivity being bred for hunting, the bone trade, tourism and academic research, according to estimates [...]

Thai billionaire appears in court as poaching trial begins

The trial of a Thai billionaire construction tycoon charged with poaching an endangered black panther and other animals in a wildlife sanctuary began Tuesday after months of delay. Premchai Karnasuta, the president of Italian-Thai Development PLC, appeared at the provincial court in Kanchanaburi in western Thailand to hear initial testimony in the case against him. [...]

China’s Mixed Messages on the Global Trade in Endangered-Animal Parts

The cryptic declaration from Beijing alarmed and mystified wildlife conservationists around the world. Reversing a 25-year-old ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhinoceros horns, the Chinese government announced in October that it would foster a “controlled” legal market in these goods. The move was unexpected, given that less than a year ago China [...]

No hiding from the law

Police from the forestry bureau in Kunming, Southwest China's Yunnan Province display the pelt of a snow leopard on Friday. The hide of the endangered big cat was discovered after police busted a gang involved in illegal trafficking of wildlife animals and products. More than 700 items and some live animals were found, and 22 [...]

Government vet lists all that went wrong in tigress Avni T1 operation

Government vet submits a two-page written statement to Maharashtra state-appointed committee investigating the killing of the tigress T1 Tigress T1 was shot by Asghar, son of controversial shooter Nawab Shafat Ali Khan Expert government veterinarian Dr Sunil Bawaskar was summoned before the state-appointed committee, investigating the killing of tigress T1 (Avni), on Thursday in Nagpur. [...]

Avni killing: State-formed Committee begins probe

Panel summons hunters Nawab Shafat and his son Ajgar Ali for questioning Nagpur: The committee formed by State Government to conduct an in-depth probe into the killing of tigress Avni will also investigate the hunter Nawab Shafat and his son Ajgar Ali. The problem tigress T1, who was believed to have turned a man-eater and [...]
Shailesh Pethe: Serving meals to tigers, whistling to leopards… all in a day’s work – Times of India

Watch It’s Almost Big Cat Weekend on Nat Geo Wild! Expert Boone Smith joins TODAY Free Online – NBC TODAY Show Excerpt

Leopardess caught from near village, released in Corbett jungles

Lion mauls driver to death in Gir forest, injures two others

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