Mountain Lion Shot and Killed in Galva

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Mountain Lion Shot and Killed in Galva

A mountain lion was shot and killed in Ida County this morning.

Vince Evelsizer, with the Department of Natural Resources, says a DNR law enforcement officer took the action after the large cat was spotted on a property near Galva.

“This cat was put up into a tree by a farmer’s dog relatively close to their farmhouse, within 50 yards from the front yard,” Evelsizer said.

The mountain lion weighed 88 pounds and was likely 2 to 3 years old, according to Evelsizer.  The animal is suspected of killing three calves late last week.  A livestock producer reported the losses about 30 miles south of where the mountain lion was shot this morning.

This marks just the fourth time a mountain lion has been killed in Iowa.  The previous most recent shooting of a mountain lion in Iowa involved a four year old male cat in Sioux County in 2013.  The mountain lion shot in Ida County was female.

There is no evidence the Ida County mountain lion produced any young.  Evelsizer said the DNR will collect teeth, and examine the stomach contents and tissue samples of the animal.

(story and photo courtesy of Radio Iowa)

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