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    On March 30, 2017 Big Cat Rescue started using to get our visitors to call their member of congress, asking them to Co Sponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act.  Before Phone2Action we could persuade 30 people a week to make that call.  With Phone2Action we are getting 120 people a week to call their Reps.  It’s expensive, but one of the best investments we have made in getting people to actually call (not email) their members of congress.

    Separately, we are working with a local PR firm, who donates their time to the creative work, to target staffers on capitol hill in DC with this video preroll:

    Early reports show that nearly 80% of the people who see the ad are watching it till the end and it has 130% of the typical engagement for such ads.  We have to pay for the ad spots, which is running around $40,000 for a 6 wk campaign (I think) but are encouraged at the results thus far.  The proof will be in the number of new cosponsors we get as a result.

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