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Forum Rules

The message board is provided for the members of the Big Cat Trust  as a place for members to share information. By registering and participating in Big Cat Trust Forums, you agree to the following Code of Conduct:

Be respectful of all users at all times. This means please use etiquette and politeness. Treat people with kindness and gentleness. If you do this the rest of the Code of Conduct won’t need more than a cursory mention.

Be mindful that we are all on the same path, albeit at different stages, so be open and gentle when interacting with each other. Trust that your fellow Rescuers share your same good intentions and give the benefit of the doubt or seek their input in a kind and courteous way.

Remember that what happens at Big Cat Trust stays at Big Cat Trust; meaning that we respect that the information shared is not for dissemination or discussion outside of the group.

Please respect the forum administrators. We provide a service in our free time to keep the forums running efficiently. If you have an issue with our moderation please contact us privately.

Refrain from using the board to post or send spam, abusive or harassing messages, or emails, or other material that may violate any applicable laws.

Please flag or report a post to an administrator privately if you have found a post that you feel is inappropriate or that violates the forum Code of Conduct. While the administrators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message, so we appreciate your assistance. Please do not start a debate in the open forum by responding to the post.

Understand that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not those of the administrators (except for posts by these people).

Understand that the administrators of this forum will delete, without notice, any posts that are intentionally inflammatory, pornographic or that flagrantly disregard the code of conduct.

If a thread turns into an argument, it can be locked or removed without notice. An administrator has the right to split the thread or delete certain portions in order to keep the discussion going when possible.

Acknowledge that, after three violations of this Code of Conduct, your account will be reviewed and you could be banned by a vote of the administrators.
Examples of inappropriate actions that may result in banning:

  • Flaming and condescending messages: Flames are messages that personally attack, call people names, or otherwise harass another forum member. These, along with any generally condescending posts, will be removed at the administrator’s discretion. This is a banning offense.
  • If the thread is flame-bait (appears to be intended to start an argument or is likely to cause an argument rather than enhance discussion), it will be locked or removed without notice. A post including flame-bait may be deleted or edited at the administrator’s discretion. Users who continue to post in this manner or engage in other questionable practices like trolling (posting in an attempt to engage people in arguments), will be banned.

It should be noted that, like all things, this Code of Conduct will continue to change and evolve with constructive feedback from users and from experience. It is our hope that these policies will create open, honest, and civil discussions that benefit the animals in our care.

As always, we welcome feedback about any concerns that you may have, so feel free to send your suggestions to the administrators at

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