Cougar prowls East Wenatchee area

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Cougar prowls East Wenatchee area

Here’s a photo making the rounds on Facebook this morning of a cougar sighting in the East Wenatchee area. This was in the neighborhood of 21st Street and Baker yesterday evening. (Photo Courtesy of Carol Schultz)

EAST WENATCHEE- RiverCom Dispatch says a cougar was also reportedly wandering around the area of NW Cascade area this morning around 5 a.m.

“Right now we’re continuing to monitor, we had a sighting off in the area of Baker last night and then this morning off Cascade Avenue,” said Sgt. Dan Klump with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife. “The last confirmed sighting we have is it going near the river and a cherry orchard near that area. We’re continuing to monitor at this time.”

State Department of Fish and Wildlife looks at its options in controlling the wandering cougar

Klump said if the animal holds up in a secluded spot like under a deck, the department would have an opportunity to capture the animal.

“Public safety not only for the citizens in the area but also if we bring in a dog or our teams on that, when we get into these high residential areas we have to be cognizant of even the hazards out there that could occur if we’re going to attempt to pursue an animal in a residential area,” Klump said.

Klump added the hot dry weather brings the cougars into the valley from the surrounding hillsides seeking water, food and cool shade. He says there have been no immediate reports of conflicts with humans or pets but he advises residents to be aware and to take precautions.

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